Jeopardy Online Slots

Jeopardy Online SlotsJeopardy Online Slots Jeopardy is a very popular online slots machine that has migrated from real life slots and of course, the Jeopardy game show which is a top 3 most popular game shows of all time. The Jeopardy game show was first broadcasted in 1964 – it’s amazing that one of the most popular online slots games today has it’s origins before the internet was even created!

The whole jeopardy online slot game follows the Jeopardy game show theme very closely. Even the classic “daily double” will appear in the game, which we expand on later in this review.

The online slot version of Jeopardy is a 5 reel and 9 -pay line slot machine. All sites with the jeopardy slots machine offer coin denominations from 10 cents (or 5 pence) all the way up to $10 (or 5 pounds). There are great bonus features in the online slot version of Jeopardy. There is a “wild” symbol that doubles any payout you get on that spin.

There is also a bonus Jeopardy round, continuing the theme from the show to the Jeopardy online slot machine. Once you hit 3 “jeopardy” bonus symbols in any payline, you will enter the bonus round after that spin. The Jeopardy slots bonus round consists of 30 jeopardy screens with different categories and numbers. You can keep selecting screens and revealing amounts behind each screen. The amounts add up until you hit the “final jeopardy” screen and your money is added to your account.