Double Diamond Slots

Double Diamond SlotsDouble Diamond slots are among the top 3 slot machines in the world. It is a classic favorite and the online version of double diamond slots has carried on the tradition in popularity. Double Diamond slots is typically a 5 reel online slot machine with a max of 25 lines. The 5 reels and 25 lines are the main reason online Double Diamond slots are so popular – the sheer number of possibilities creates lots of wins and big wins.

Why is it called a double diamond? Double diamond slots are named as such because a diamond in a winning sequence means double the payout, on any given spin. This unique double diamond concept is the launching pad for the foundation of many online slots themed differently but with the exact same double diamond slot concept. The double diamond slots were invented by IGT.

Double diamond online slots are typically progressive jackpots. Any online slots site that is on a particular network will all feed into the same progressive until the jackpot is hit. Double diamond online slots have been copied by knockoff slot machines, some decent and some horrible. IGT themselves have upgraded Double Diamond slots with different versions – the Triple Diamond Online slots and the Double Diamond Deluxe.

Double Diamond slots will surely increase in popularity as time goes by, as history tends to repeat itself. The double diamond slots have withstood competition from dozens of knockoffs and even upgrades to their own game. Simply put, double diamond online slots are a classic, a best odds slot, and an all-time favorite for slots lovers worldwide.