Big Kahuna slots

Big Kahuna slotsThe minimum bet on Big Kahuna is $.05 and the max bet is $90 (after a $2 initial bet and all lines maxed out). The most coins you can put in on the online slots version of Big Kahuna is 45. In total, there are 9 pay lines and this is consistent for every real money Big Kahuna slots machine found online.

The jackpot on Big Kahuna slot machine is not progressive. Each Big Kahuna machine pays out the same when you hit a jackpot – 8000 times your bet. Therefore you can bet $2 and win the max jackpot of $16,000.

If you want to test out the Big Kahuna online slots machine before you play for real money, Microgaming sites allow you to play all of their slots in “free mode” using play casino chips they place in your account upon registration. The play money chips are for slots players to try out online slot machines like Big Kahuna and to get familiar with other games that they have never played before.

The gameplay, graphics, and sound on the Big Kahuna slots machine online are absolutely superb. The game starts up with a flash intro of a jungle scene which is very high quality. You can tell that Microgaming put a lot of work into the Big Kahuna slots machine. When you win some coins, you will see different movies and graphics featuring jungle themes like animals and waterfalls.

The Big Kahuna online slots machine features many ways to win including an awesome bonus structure. For instance, if you get any two monkey symbols in any spin on any line, you automatically win. There is a wild symbol called “the big kahuna” which can be substituted for any normal symbol in the game. There is also a bonus game called “Masks” where if you get at least 3 mask symbols in a row on any pay line you will enter the bonus round. In the Big Kahuna online bonus round, you get to flip masks over with prizes underneath, but if you get too greedy you can turn over a mask that takes the money back and the bonus round is over.